About Us

Studentnomic is like no other education company. How many educational companies were set up for students, by students? How many educational companies start to revolutionise education for students with their first product? How many educational companies captivate the imagination of both schools and students? The answer is not many but Studentnomic has.

We were set up upon a foundation of innovation. At the heart of everything we do is the question "How is this going to make someone's education better?" In November 2015 we launched our debut product, the Studentnomic app, a revision tool for GCSE students. Aiming to simplify the revision process for students this app was created to put revision at student's fingertips, making it easily accessible for everyone.

Now as we start 2016 we're launching our first ever solution for schools. StudentNote is bound to innovate and change student engagement forever. Sending out push notifications to students is for many not feasible until now. Studentnomic makes it both affordable and simple to engage students with 21st-century technology.


CEO's Statement: Looking Back

"2015 has been an exciting year for us. To think that less than 12 months ago all we had was an idea to create an app that helped students locate past papers and now that very app is helping more and more students every week to revise and engage with their school life is simply amazing. In October our company was formally incorporated and since then we've stopped at nothing to continuously improve our solutions and find new ways to innovate the education industry. As we started 2016 we also launched StudentNote, our debut solution for schools which we believe will help 100s of schools across the country transform student engagement and revolutionise the way they communicate with their students. At the end of the day, our only ambition has been to create a company that understands education challenges with a student perspective, and looking back I think we've achieved that and will continue to make this a core part of Studentnomic."

- Tim Collins, Chief Executive Officer Studentnomic